The 10 Best Sites for Trusted Online
Psychic Readings

Online psychic readings such as love readings  and astrology
readings can offer comfort and support.

Purple Garden

California Psychics

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Editor Choice


California Psychics

  • Best for First-time customers
  • Prices range from $1-$15 /min
  • Special Offer $1, 2 or 4 / min 
  • A+ customer service
  • Many great secondary benefits/services



  • Access multiple reading methods
  • Prices range from $1.99- $20/min
  • Special Offer: 10 minutes for $1.99
  • Readings by phone, chat and email
  • Money-back guarantee


Purple Garden

  • Best for psychic reading novices
  • Pricing range$1 – $9.99 /min
  • Offers of the day
  • Live Chat, by phone, or face-to-face video.

All conversations on Keen are always 100% anonymous and confidential



Psychic Source

  • Best for Reliable psychics
  • Pricing range$4.99 – $15 / min.
  • Special Offer free, $1 / min.
  • 30 min. Maximum of one reading
  • Superior service is guaranteed



  • Best for Variety services, Discounts
  • Prices range from $1-$30 /min
  • Special Offer: 3 minutes for free
  • Excellent customer service 24/7
  • Emails with frequent deals/coupons




  • Best for Online palm reading
  • Pricing range Based on credit
  • $9.99 Special offer & free credits
  • Less-common techniques
  • Popularity and rating



  • Scheduled appointment time
  • Pricing range $5.99 – $13 /min
  • Special Offer:20 minutes for $20
  • Interviews and profiles of readers
  • Daily horoscopes and lovescopes




  • Honest, Trustworthy
  • Prices range $0.99 to $7.00/min
  • Exclusive Offer: 1st 5 min. free
  • New users get Free 5 Min
  • Fair and trustworthy business



  • Best for No-nonsense psychic
  • Prices start at $1 per minute
  • Take 3 minutes off your first reading
  • Profile pages with more details
  • Reward program for free sessions


California Psychics​


California Psychics is a top-rated psychic service. California Psychics offers something for everyone, whether it’s for its wide range of reading tools and methods or the plethora of additional content like horoscopes, blog articles, and more. The site values customer relationships and makes every effort to maintain long-term satisfaction and quality services. To see how dedicated they are, check out their FAQ pages and Karma Rewards program.

  • A huge range of psychics, reading styles, and reading methods available
  • A+ customer service
  • Many great secondary benefits/services
  • Pricing packages can be confusing
  • Do not always leave negative feedback on your site



Keen is a platform that allows independent psychics to post their work. There’s no screening process like other websites for psychic readings. This doesn’t mean that you won’t find talented psychics. However, it does mean that there are many less experienced psychics who work here due to the less strict background requirements. There are many pricing options available because individual advisors determine their own rates.
  • Numerous specialties are available to psychics, such as love and relationship experts and tarot readers.
  • Each psychic gets real customer feedback
  • Readings by phone, chat and email
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Advisors work on their own.

Purple Garden


Purple Garden is a mobile psychic app that allows you to chat, video and voice reads from the most trusted, trustworthy, and accurate psychics. Purple Garden is available for Android and iOS devices. It gives you quick and easy access to answers to your life’s most pressing questions, such as about money, love, career, death, and many other topics.
    • You can chat live, by phone, or face-to-face via video.
    • For accurate pairings, detailed psychic profiles
    • There are many psychic reading methods, styles and tools.
  • Website is kinda bland and uninformative
  • No freebies

Psychic Source


Psychic Source’s website reveals the company’s true commitment to providing quality psychic services. The site offers advanced filtering options that allow users to narrow down the number of psychics and deep reader profiles. This allows them to quickly find the right match for their needs. You will find useful information in the profiles, including what type of readings they do and how they use them. There are even keywords that describe their personality. 

    • Superior service is guaranteed by highly-skilled and dedicated staff.
    • To help you find the right match, we offer comprehensive psychic profiles
    • Program for members with rewards
  • Rates can vary depending on whether the reading is video, phone or chat.
  • It is not possible to speak with a psychic before you start reading.



Kasamba looks great for online psychic services. Users will find the right information quickly and easily with hundreds of psychic readers, many of whom are active online at times unlike other sites. Kasamba offers more customer support options than other sites and is also more easily accessible. Kasamba is a great site for coupon enthusiasts, as they regularly send out promo codes via email to enable users to get discounted readings.

      • Numerous psychics available and a wide range of topics/reading methods.
      • Excellent customer service and availability 24/7
      • Emails with frequent deals/coupons
  • It’s not clear if you are getting real psychic advice
  • Site difficult to navigate



Oranum claims to be a spiritual community. A quick review of their services demonstrates this fact. There are many services offered by psychics and healers, including traditional love advice, sound therapies, dream interpretation and angel communication. There are many psychics, and they all have different practices. If you feel overwhelmed by scrolling through their profiles click on the Top 100 Live Psychics feature to see a helpful curated list.

      • Exotic, less-common techniques offered
      • You can search by popularity and rating
  • Website clutter can be distracting
  • Live streaming is possible



MysticSense can help you find answers, guidance, and a little clarity. This online service has a large network of gifted psychics who can provide you with any type of reading method or tool that you need. Methods for psychic reading: Chat, phone, or video, Expertise: Astrology, dream interpretation, and tarot card reading

      • New users get five minutes of free time
      • Fair and trustworthy business practices/policies
      • There are a wide range of reading styles and tools available.
    • The prices can be more expensive than the competition
    • No mobile app



AskNow is a good website for spiritual guidance. Although users have the option to contact the service by phone or chat, there are only a few readers. Many times, the same profile will be returned when searching again and again. Many readers can only be reached by phone and are not available to chat. AskNow’s poor privacy policies do not protect online safety. It is common for credit card information and other personal information to be shared with others.

      • Interviews and profiles of readers
      • Daily horoscopes and lovescopes.
      • Readings are available upon appointment
    • Chat is not available via the app
    • Only accept credit cards. Privacy policy doesn’t fully protect credit card information.



PathForward is an online psychic service that offers a wide range of psychics who are highly qualified, experienced, and thoroughly vetted. These psychics can help with many life issues such as career decisions, relationship and sex issues, and past-life issues. PathForward offers a variety of psychics that use different reading methods to provide you with the most accurate, insightful and compassionate readings.

  • Acceptance policy for psychics is strict
  • Profile pages with more details
  • Reward program for free sessions
  • Video chatting is not available
  • Sessions starting at $5 per minute

What is psychic reading?

  • A psychic reading is when someone tries to gain and determine certain information by using perception. They may also be able to gather information about the future, present, or past of another person using basic human senses.
  • A psychic will gather information about you, based on your story and appearance, and then use their intuition and draw conclusions. Online psychics are the best. They will not only give you a reading but also offer advice about how to grow and learn from certain situations.
  • Different tools can be used by psychic readers to help you understand your spirituality and answer your questions. Some psychics use tarot cards, cards, palm readings, crystals, astrology, and astrology to divinate. Some psychic mediums claim to be clairvoyants, or someone with a supernatural ability to see into the future, past and even deceased people.
  • Traditional psychic readings were done in person at a booth, in a business or in a home. You can still consult a psychic one-on-one to get answers to your burning questions, but you can also access a psychic online.

How to find a trustworthy psychic reading online

  • It can be difficult to find the right online psychic for you, given how many there are offering their services. To help you with your search, we have compiled the following list of top online psychic reading services.
  • To get a better understanding of the service, you should first read our reviews. Many online psychic sites offer detailed reviews and reader profiles. Make use of these and continue searching until you find the one that you are connected with. You should definitely take advantage of the free online psychic readings. Don’t be afraid of walking away if you aren’t feeling comfortable.
  • Our list was compiled after extensive research in order to make it easier for you to find your psychic advisor. These tips will help you make your psychic reading experience a success once you have found the right one.

How to make sure my online psychic is real

  • A great psychic can empower you. What is your reaction to the reading? Do you feel excited to take on tomorrow? Or are you rushing to get a follow up because you need their assistance and feel helpless without them.
  • The best psychic readings are precise and evidence-based. If you are given evidence by the reader, this proves that they “know” about you.
  • Scammers often use the formula to give you an exhilarating prediction. A scammer will then tell you that their “good prediction” cannot be trusted. A reader will then create doubt and fear. Finally, they may suggest their own solution (for an additional fee).
  • All psychic readers must make clients feel empowered and happy. Run if anyone makes you doubt your intuition. Summarizing: Your intuition will help you recognize scammers, so don’t be afraid to run!

What do I need to know before I get a psychic reading?

  • Before you book one of the best online psychic readings be sure to review the terms of service, customer policy, FAQs and customer reviews. Ask questions. Be realistic in your expectations. Don’t expect your psychic reader, for example, to read your mind or cast spells. This isn’t a Harry Potter story. A moral reader won’t read anything that isn’t present or without consent.

Tips for your First Psychic Reading Online

  • It’s exciting to receive your first psychic reading. Keep your mind open to get the best psychic reading possible. You must ensure that you are comfortable with your privacy. Ask any questions you may have. Your guides or angels can be prayed to for messages of your highest and best. You can light a candle, incense, or do anything that helps you relax. Positive thoughts are good. It is best to avoid caffeine and alcohol before reading. Meditation is a great option. Remember that we all are part of the same energy. One person can lighten their energy and we all become lighter as a whole.

What is the best price for psychic readings?

  • Readings can be free or cost hundreds of dollars by top-rated psychics. The good news about psychic readings is that they are affordable and can be enjoyed by anyone with a reasonable budget. High quality readings don’t have to be expensive. Many psychics offer half-hour slots rather than a full hour. You have many options, and a psychic reading doesn’t need to cost a lot.

Do I have to pay for a psychic reading?

  • Free psychic readings are offered by some psychics. These readings are usually short and simple. These samples can be a disservice for both the psychic as well as the client. Ask your dermatologist to show you an example of their work, such as how they removed half or one pimple. To schedule appointments, understand the problem, and offer solutions, it takes skill, coordination, time, and patience. We must take time and care to get the best results. It shouldn’t be any different when you do a psychic reading.

What can I ask a psychic reader about?

  • Avoid asking “Yes” and “No” questions. They won’t give you accurate or deep insight. You should instead ask open-ended questions to allow the psychic to expand on your issues. This advice can be useful and applicable to other areas of your life.
  • Most common questions are about love, relationships, finances, futures, health, money, health, or the well-being of loved ones. If you are interested, you may be able to ask questions about pets or the future cryptocurrency.
  • Here are some ideas for questions psychic readers might ask:
    • What is the unfinished business I have with my ex friend?
    • What can I do to get closure?
    • What is the best time to start looking for a job?
    • What time will my partner and me get pregnant?
    • Do I need to avoid certain foods?
    • When can I get married?
    • What was my life like in the past?
    • How can I improve my relationship to my parent?
    • Can I get over my heartbreak?
    • What can the Divine tell me about my new home and its potential?
  • It is best to be clear about your intentions when contacting psychics or clairvoyants. You’ll be able to get the most from your experience and will leave with a clear understanding of your situation.

What are the various types of psychic readings available?

Readers discover new talents every day that they can share with the community. These talents are a source of variety in the services that can be offered. These are the basic types of psychic readings:

Fortune Telling

Online fortune telling can be described as predicting or predicting future events through divination. There are over 50 types of divination. There are many forms of divination, including Astrology, Cartomancy and Scrying (using an I Ching), I Ching, Numerology Palmistry, Tasseography, reading tea leaves, or coffee grounds.

Tarot Card Readings

Tarot readings, also known as Cartomancy, are used to predict future events using a deck of special cards. The cards’ colors, symbols and images are used to communicate messages. To find the best online Tarot reading website, read more.

Love readings

Love Psychics can give readings on love, relationships and problems in relationships. They also offer advice to singles who are unsure of their future and want to know why they haven’t met the right person. If someone suspects that their partner is cheating, they can give advice.

Pet readings

Our pets can be read by pet psychics . They may also be able to help us find lost pets.

Aura Readings

The aura, which is our energy body, is full of many colors. These colors are used by psychics to help us understand our bodies and souls. Every color can mean something different and give you amazing insights into your own personality.

Dream Interpretation

Our waking minds miss the messages of dreams. Dream interpretation involves analyzing the dreams’ colors, symbols, and situations. To interpret dreams, some dream interpreters resort to special tarot interpretations.

Online Mediums

Internet mediums often use information they get from your story to telepathically communicate with distant souls, alive or dead. You can communicate with a medium online in a calm and comfortable environment.

Yes/No Tarot

The Yes/No Tarot is where you ask a question that can either be answered with “Yes” (or “No”) and then select a card from the tarot deck. Your issue will be answered by the card you choose. The tarot reader will help you understand the meaning of the card’s images in relation to your question.

Palm Reading

Palm reading lets you know what your palm is telling you about your future. A palm reader can read each hand for unique information. If you are interested in gaining insight into your future, this can be a fascinating practice.

How does numerology aid psychic readings?

Numerous people turn to psychic readers for answers to strange occurrences, such as certain numbers appearing everywhere. It may be a sign that you are constantly seeing 11:11 at all times.

Numerology, a centuries-old method of numerology, is used across all religions and nations. Numerologists assign meanings to numbers and combinations.

Numerology is all about the details. Numerology can help you see the details and add an extra dimension to your regular psychic readings. Numerology can offer more insight and clarifications than other types of psychic reading.

How we rated the top psychic reading sites

These are the key points that we used to rank each of these online psychics:

  • Which type of psychic readings website is best?
  • The price range of the site
  • Promotions and special offers
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Methods for psychic reading
  • Is there a phone application for psychic reading websites? If so, how easy is it to use.

Our psychic experts thoroughly reviewed each psychic reading website. We reviewed their policies and codes of ethics and opened accounts to verify everything.

The price range when selecting a psychic service is important. Although most websites have similar pricing structures, it is possible for things to get costly quickly depending on the psychic advisor with whom you book your psychic reading session. We will let you know where to find the best psychic services.

All services are welcome to receive special offers and promotions. So that you can see which psychic sites are the best, we took a closer look at their promotions. Even the most reputable psychic reading sites may have some black sheep.

When testing a new service, a good money back guarantee is essential. It’s impossible to predict how the experience will be, so knowing that you can get your money back in case things go wrong is an important plus.

What psychic services actually does the website offer? While some sites make it easy to find this information, others require you to search for it.

Do you have an app? It can be very helpful to receive a reading from a psychic on the move if you are short on time and don’t have access to a computer. To verify that each site has an app, we checked the ease of use.


  • Any psychic site or reader you choose should make it easy for you to feel empowered and supported. Numerous psychic advisors also include life coaches and therapists, who offer their intuition to enhance the exceptional services provided. It is all about empowerment and fulfillment for every person.
  • Always ask questions when searching for a trusted advisor. Clients should expect confidentiality and trust. Any trusted psychic reading expert can help you to resolve any misunderstandings. Remember that we all want to be at our best. We support one another when we help them.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • You can chat with a psychic online or by phone to ask questions about your life and get insight into the future. Online psychic readings are possible through clairvoyance and energy reading, as well as tarot cards.
  • It all depends on the insights you are seeking. The most versatile of the Tarot cards is the one that can answer your specific questions about love, money, and work. It also gives you an insight into larger spiritual and social dynamics in your life.
  • Keen is one the most well-known and easiest-to-use psychic websites online. Psychic Source has 30 years of experience, and a strict screening process to ensure its psychics are qualified.